Cooperation between ionair and SSE Enterprise

ionair UK and ionair ag have signed an exclusive reseller agreement with SSE Enterprise to supply, install and maintain the ionair AQS into new and existing commercial and industrial buildings.  

SSE are a UK listed FTSE100 company that contribute around £9bn to the economy. With over 12,000 talented and skilled people across the UK and Ireland, working in a diverse range of innovative solutions, including cutting-edge energy infrastructure and related services needed for a low-carbon future. Our agreement centres around smart cities and places, naturally complementing SSE’s engineering heritage and their own building solutions.

Originally, our discussions with SSE Enterprise date back to early 2019. SSE Enterprise are leading the way in UK Smart Cities and their focus on energy saving products offered a synergy between the two companies. Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) improvements alongside their existing solutions was also a considerable draw. Since Covid-19 the need for IAQ solutions intensified and further discussions took place to understand how best we could offer ionair® in the UK and IRE market. Through product evaluation, discussions and compliance checks, I’m very pleased to say that ionair came out on top for all-round air quality improvements. Our own UK objectives and the desire to partner with a leading contractor has enabled us to enter into an exclusive reseller agreement with SSE Enterprise. We knew that the demand on our products would increase and for us to best serve our customers in the UK we wanted to work with a leading and highly credible supplier. SSE’s engineering heritage, including their nationwide resources coupled with their ability to deliver high quality installations ensures we can stand behind installations large or small. SSE are also able to offer finance solutions to potential customers to further spread the cost of installation, making the ionair AQS even more accessible.

Phil Davis


The pilot project Chalvey

As part of our compliance and due diligence with SSE we wanted to ensure we met all acceptance criteria and that SSE was 100% comfortable with our systems.  We looked at a number of their office buildings but in the end we selected a medium sized office block in the South East of England, in a known area of poor air quality.  The project itself consisted of a mechanical ventilated building consisting of a fresh air handling unit with thermal wheel installed. Heating and cooling was taken care of by a standard VRF system with multiple FCU outlets across the 2 floors. Part of our acceptance criteria was to look at a wide range of IAQ issues including:

      • Particulate Matter (PM2.5 /PM10)
      • Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOC)
      • Airborne bacteria levels
      • Airborne Fungi levels

Testing was conducted by a UK independent testing company. I’m pleased to say we met the challenging acceptance criteria set by SSE, which in turn has allowed us to progress with an our exclusivity deal.  Hopefully, we will have a published case study soon!