Air quality – Your indoor climate at a glance

Simply login with your web browser or APP in the customer portal and you will receive personalized information about the operating conditions of your installed Ionair systems and ionized rooms. The overview contains the communication status, the evaluation of the air quality in the room, the status of devices and sensors, and the operational overview.

All information, which is available about your systems, is recorded in the central database, the «Ionair DataCenter». From this data, among other things, with the help of Ionair «Machine Learning» algorithms, statements are made about the air quality, the operating condition or recommendations for maintenance. In case of malfunctions, you can use this to initiate the correct countermeasures promptly and remotely.

In the course of the annual maintenance deployments, our service technicians use the analyses available for a professional discussion on maintenance. These often yield valuable optimizations for the customer or issues on operational safety may get clarified.

We look forward to bringing this service closer to you via a personal discussion or a live presentation.