ionair (记录2019)



整体包装对于客户而言最终是决定性的。 Ionair获准在送风系统中安装空气质量系统(AQS),用于跨国企业OMW的新办公楼。 该建筑位于Schwechat,那里也是维也纳机场和奥地利最大的炼油厂的所在地。 因此与其他地方相比,其室外空气受废气和异味排放的影响更大。 Ionair所面临的挑战:系统规范,包括每一项旨在减少污染物的积极措施。 通过整个建筑室内空间的电离环境,可以保证室内空气质量和健康状况的卓越与统一。




Briefly and concisely explained
There’s no question about it: we need it. Fresh air to live that is. However, the quality of our indoor air is not always particularly good. Industry, traffic or other sources of emission blow out harmful substances, which means that ventilation and air conditioning in buildings is a real challenge. Ionization provides a remedy. We explain here in a straightforward and comprehensible way how this works. We hope you find it interesting…


Ionization removes viruses
The results surpassed all our expectations. The test arrangement demonstrated that a reduction in surrogate viruses of more than, believe it or not, 99 percent is possible thanks to ionization. You can see how the Air Quality System (AQS) from ionair accomplishes this in the video here…