What you may expect from us

Under the brand «ionair», the ionair Group offers technically sophisticated solutions and outstanding customer service to customers worldwide with the most stringent demands on air quality.

As a leading provider globally of products and services, the «ionair» brand is intended to represent the gold standard in the field of indoor air ionization; «iIonair» provides odorless, hygienic and comfortable indoor air.

ionair is developing into a medium-sized company featuring a global sales network with a training center that focuses on indoor air ionization in air conditioning and ventilation technology.

Experts, contemporary corporate governance and professional risk management make the Ionair Group an attractive and reliable partner for customers, employees, suppliers and associations.

ionair has to be self-reflecting and self-critical. It has to think and act strategically and it must constantly deal with the issues of governance, transparency and their impact.

ionair is building on the principles of sustainability, which also considers and includes corporate responsibility as well as economic and ecological issues in its strategy process.