The most important and, at least in the services company, also the most valuable resources of a company are the employees. Thus, it is absolutely in the interest of the company to achieve a comfortable and healthy work atmosphere. Satisfied and healthy employees are a guarantee for high productivity that results in good performance and success. It has been confirmed by various studies that indoor climate and especially the quality of air has a measurable impact on the productivity of the employees.

Good indoor air quality, which is equivalent to low pollutant loads and a low microbiological load of bacteria or germs leading to illness is a critical success factor for an establishment.

With the ionair Air Quality System (AQS), the company receives excellent indoor air quality. The employee breathes air comparable with naturally clean outdoor air (linked to what is naturally clean air from clean air regions such as mountains, the seaside and the forest). This reduces the likelihood of the risk of infection, since the air contains fewer germs causing illness, increases the cognitive faculty of the employees by improving oxygen absorption in the body and generating a good work atmosphere, as fewer human beings are polluting the indoor climate and that of the employees is healthier. Let us not forget that the human being «consumes»s 1 kg of solid food, 3 kg of liquid and 30 kg of air every day. Do we pay attention to quality and hygiene when it comes to solid and liquid food? How about the air that we breathe?


It goes without saying that the quality of air has a considerable impact on other aspects. The choice and operation of the ventilation systems have a direct impact on the investment and operating costs. With ionair AQS, energy-related optimizations (air exchange, recirculation air proportion, outdoor air proportion) can be implemented with good air quality simultaneously. Ultimately, this also has a favorable impact on the CO2 balance of the company, which, in turn, can be used as a marketing instrument. Is there still an entrepreneur today who cannot take a clear position with measurable criteria on the matter of environmental protection, energy consumption and sustainability? And which employee no longer asks for it these days and selects their employer according to such criteria?

ionair AQS (actually, all advantages/effect of ionair AQS)

  • Healthy indoor air for employees
  • Less odors, germs etc.
  • Lower absenteeism
  • High performance/productivity of the employees
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Lower operating costs

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