Casinos belong to the largest building complexes in the world. Apart from the actual games area, a casino also includes event halls, restaurants and hotels are integrated in most facilities. The demands on quality are extremely high. A satisfied guest consumes more, comes back and recommends the facility to others.

The indoor air quality (IAQ) and indoor air hygiene pose great challenges to the operator with respect to quality and costs, especially since smoking in public places is still permitted in some parts of the world. A common saying is that a good player smokes. The outdoor air is often poor and the level of pollutants in the property itself is quite high.

ionair helps the operator from the planning up to decades of operation to achieve the best possible quality of air at low investment and operational costs. This is measured across the total cost of ownership (TCO). The changed building uses lead to necessary adaptations time and again even in the operation. With ionair, this can be done quite easily without intervention in the infrastructure.

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