Air quality – Your indoor climate at a glance

The Air Quality System (AQS) is effective in terms of interaction. For this purpose you need modern sensors, robust control electronics, sophisticated and intelligent control algorithms, powerful ionization modules, continuous, reliable and secure data recording, and appropriate analysis technology.

ionair Analytics permits the analysis of the operating state of the AQS. And this is also easily realized from any terminal device. The current status of the individual components of the networked electronics, sensors, actuators and controls, as well as all other technical units in the ventilation system, is always evident. With the automatic data analysis and the error messages of ionair Analytics we can respond quickly and in a targeted way in case of a critical operating state, in order to undertake any adjustments related to comfort in the building controller.

Processes are summarized by ionair Analytics in graphical scenarios and permit predefined visualizations to browse the switching states, the resource utilization and also the status of the devices or groups of devices in order to adjust the specified limit values whenever required.

In addition, ionair Analytics continuously provides prepared results to the After Sales Service for plausibility checking. In this way, you can respond quickly and professionally in case of faults. Thus, a high level of operational safety is ensured and you can continuously optimize the system as regards air quality and energy conservation.