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Technical seminars

ionair brings the world of experts together. The technical seminars constitute the event and network format that Ionair has conceived for an interested expert audience jointly with selected partners and which it has been successfully conducted for many years. Central topics: Indoor air quality, air conditioning and ventilation solutions, energy efficiency, room planning and digitalization. The technical seminars demonstrate both practically and specifically what our indoor climate solutions look like and how they can be implemented.

Committed companies, examples from Research and Development, as well as even representatives of public authorities showcase their concepts, products and services and conduct lectures in the technical seminars based on their experience. New and innovative solutions, projects and technologies are ready to be demonstrated to an interested audience.

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Training modules

Enhance your knowledge and that of your employees. Our training modules are put together in such a way that they impart plenty of practical and theoretical knowledge to experts. They not only focus on the application techniques of ionair products, but also on everything that concerns our core competence: indoor air quality. The subject is close to our heart. Based on case studies, experience gathered and several exercises, the knowledge is enhanced and the findings are reflected on jointly during the training. The subject of indoor air quality is complex. The more complicated the processes and the more stringent the demands, the greater are the challenges. It becomes all the more important to keep abreast of the technical developments and with issues concerning standards and norms. In order that your employees are effectively trained, we assist and support you in honing the skills and capabilities of your employees. These are the basic requirements for acquiring the competitive edge and sustaining business development.

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