The buildings constructed in accordance with the latest standards have such airtight shells that, in contrast to old buildings, there is no longer «uncontrolled» air exchange via «normal» leaks. The building shell is becoming more leak-proof, air exchange is being lowered and energy consumption is reducing. So far so good. But how is it when it comes to indoor air quality and hygiene? In our day-to-day routine, we are often unsatisfied with this. ionair AQS helps you to improve the indoor climate noticeably. Your benefit: you will experience a greater sense of well-being in your own four walls and feel healthier and more satisfied.

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Briefly and concisely explained
There’s no question about it: we need it. Fresh air to live that is. However, the quality of our indoor air is not always particularly good. Industry, traffic or other sources of emission blow out harmful substances, which means that ventilation and air conditioning in buildings is a real challenge. Ionization provides a remedy. We explain here in a straightforward and comprehensible way how this works. We hope you find it interesting…


Ionization removes viruses
The results surpassed all our expectations. The test arrangement demonstrated that a reduction in surrogate viruses of more than, believe it or not, 99 percent is possible thanks to ionization. You can see how the Air Quality System (AQS) from ionair accomplishes this in the video here…