Easily installed – for good quality indoor air inside your own four walls

Good air does well – even in your own residence. For an excellent climate and for improved indoor air quality. Air treatment devices are suitable in rooms where manual ventilation is not sufficient for the supply of fresh air. Easy and quick to install, both air&more and also stream are unique in their performance. With decentralized air conditioning and air treatment devices, we create a comfortable atmosphere for you round the clock.


For good indoor air quality and air hygiene – the air&more is suitable for use in rooms with no ventilation or a lack of it. There are practically no limits to its use. Here is a selection of sample applications.

  • Commercial and office premises
  • Living rooms or guest rooms
  • Hospitals
  • Homes for the aged
  • Laboratories
  • Fitness centers and sports facilities
  • Restaurants
  • School classrooms
  • Smoking lounges
  • Warehouses

The indoor air quality is improved specifically and effectively with the air&more ionization device. Annoying odors are neutralized. The comfort, the coziness and the hygiene of the indoor air is demonstrably improved. The ionization intensity and fan speed can be adjusted manually according to the requirements.