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Sports facilities such as football stadiums or gyms and sport halls are nowadays integrated into a complex use of the adjacent and surrounding areas. They are meeting places and advertising platforms in equal proportions. Special guests are entertained in VIP lounges, the players expect a contemporary infrastructure in the changing rooms and the buildings in the adjacent neighborhood, which are often characterized by excellent locations, require reasonable emissions.

The different forms of building usage may lead to conflicts. This needs to be taken into consideration at the beginning of the project. Supply air, extract air and indoor air quality represent a special challenge. ionair AQS helps in the process, thanks to it improving the indoor air quality and hygiene of all demanding groups.

The air conditioning represents more than 50% of the energy required depending on the climatic zone. With ionair AQS, you can save considerable energy through the minimum volumes of outdoor air and maximum volumes of recirculation air. Indeed, in some instances there exist country-specific subsidies for this concept.

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Sports facilities

Briefly and concisely explained
There’s no question about it: we need it. Fresh air to live that is. However, the quality of our indoor air is not always particularly good. Industry, traffic or other sources of emission blow out harmful substances, which means that ventilation and air conditioning in buildings is a real challenge. Ionization provides a remedy. We explain here in a straightforward and comprehensible way how this works. We hope you find it interesting…


Ionization removes viruses
The results surpassed all our expectations. The test arrangement demonstrated that a reduction in surrogate viruses of more than, believe it or not, 99 percent is possible thanks to ionization. You can see how the Air Quality System (AQS) from ionair accomplishes this in the video here…