Effective cost management with Ionair

Thermal and hygienic comfort is ensured with the ventilation system. This operation makes up 40 – 60% of the total energy costs of a building depending on the type of property and location; the reason being that the transport of air through the ductwork requires energy. This electrical energy, in turn, depends on the air volume transported, the air velocity, filters used or the coils used for heating, cooling or rapid evaporation. A handy formula for this: the greater the volume of air and the larger the air velocity, the higher is the energy consumption.

To begin with, potential for energy saving lies in optimizing and reducing the outdoor air volume. Each cubic meter of outdoor air has to be conditioned if the indoor climate, as is customary today, needs to be stable in the range from 22°C – 26°C, with 40– 60% relative humidity and hygienic. Accordingly, the energy consumption associated with this is large. Even smaller volumes of outdoor air may lead to considerable savings. ionair helps to reduce the air volume for the sake of hygiene, because the ionized air already improves the hygiene in the entire building volume. With less outdoor air, it needs less energy.

Since ionair, on the other hand, prepares the indoor air hygienically, even optimized recirculating air operation is harmless. A high proportion of recirculating air helps in terms of optimizing the humidity. Under dry winter conditions, indoor air can be prevented from drying out and in the summer the energy requirement for expensive humidification is lower. The indoor air is a highly refined and valuable commodity and its reuse is desirable. Thanks to the use of specific utilization of recirculation air, the purest form of heat recovery and single room regulation appropriate for the situation, one can conserve energy. The operating costs reduce and the investment costs are amortized after a short period of time.

The concept is equivalent to that of a closed supply chain, as we have already been taking this for granted for decades even in other segments, such as material recycling. To use the words of Werner Sobek, the popular German architect and engineer: «In future, the endeavor would be to reduce consumption of resources in production and in the company». The environment is grateful for this approach. With Ionair, you can reduce the outdoor air volume and increase the proportion of recirculation air. This leads to great energy and also cost savings. It protects the environment, reduces the CO2 footprint and mitigates climate change. The pressure drop in the ductwork can be reduced considerably by the replacement of activated carbon filter.

In Switzerland, Ionair is being sponsored at the Federal level with the ProKilowatt program and the EnAW (air volume optimization and replacement of activated carbon filter).