Your indoor air is close to our heart.

Providing comprehensive and competent consultancy to our customers and decision-makers is the focus. The emphasis is on solutions that combine technology, comfort and energy efficiency. Satisfy yourself regarding the level of competence and benefit from the know-how of our experts.

Support and Planning

Special tasks call for special solutions. We have the best reputation and skills in the field of indoor air quality. Good, odorless and almost germ-free indoor air is a determining factor for our health, our well-being and a guarantee for performance. Ionization contributes to healthy indoor air and you can achieve a targeted improvement in the indoor air quality with the ionization.

Good quality of indoor air is close to our hearts and no doubt to your hearts as well. If you would like to discover more about the issue of good indoor air or if you would like to find out more about the installation of an Ionair system, we can offer our experience in the overall and detailed planning to architects, specialist planners and entrepreneurs for the integration of Ionair systems. In the process, interfaces get defined, the cost is estimated and the time schedule is presented on a realistic basis.

We calculate and dimension our system on the basis of sound technical knowledge and several years of practical experience. In doing so, international and local regulations, standards and directives are taken into consideration and complied with. We provide our know-how and our creativity in all the tasks we undertake in order to discover solutions for known or new challenges.


Beda Weibel


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