Nursing homes

Nursing homes are progressively becoming a significant branch of the economy for society due to demographic developments. With the rising number of nursing homes, the demands are also growing continuously regarding both hygiene and on the number of services. The nursing homes is increasingly developing into a modern and comfortable meeting place with contemporary medical care.

Although several residents at the nursing homes are healthy and well integrated into the society, some of them are dependent on medication. Medicines have a significant impact on the changed metabolism of the human beings. This, in turn, affects the odor emissions, since each human being, generally speaking, gives off a strong source of odor. Added to this are the various service areas such as the restoration, room service or the cleaning activities that emit strong odors. Thus, odor neutralization in a nursing home has a high level of significance and is key for the seamless coexistence of the various groups addressed – residents, care personnel, family members and employees.

ionair AQS helps to keep the odor severity at a neutral level and thus, to make the stay in the demanding environment comfortable. Similar to a hospital, the hygiene also has importance, since the elderly human beings are more prone to infectious diseases.

Last but not least, the economic pressure on public institutions is high. Air conditioning is a significant cost factor (approx. 40% of the energy costs). Ionair AQS helps with energy-related optimization.

ionair AQS (actually, all advantages/effect of ionair AQS)

  • Healthy indoor air for employees
  • Less odors, germs etc.
  • Lower absenteeism
  • High performance/productivity of the employees
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Lower operating costs

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Nursing homes