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Agreement with Alfanar Projects Riyadh

ionair AG joins forces with Alfanar Projects in Saudi Arabia. This collaboration announced a the Saudi-Switzerland Roundtable meeting, marks a major step in revolutonizing iodoor air quality across the Kingdom.

The agreement was signed in the presence of H.E. Guy Parmelin, Swiss Federal Councillor and head of the Federal Department of Economic Affairs, Education and Reserach, H.E. Eng. Khalid Al Falih, Saudi Arabia's Minister of Investment and Embassador Yasmine Chatila Zwahlen, where Beda Weibel, CEO and Owner represented ionair AG at the signing ceremony, along with Amer Al Ajmi, Executive Vice President, represented Alfanar Projects. 


This is the passion of Allegron Group. Breathing new life into vacant properties and continuing to develop them over the long-term. This is exactly what it says on its homepage. And rarely have we come across a company that also lives and implements its motto in this way.

Let’s take the example of Office twenty-M - Business-Center Ruesselsheim. The former Head Office of GM Europe was purchased almost 15 years ago with a 90% vacancy rate. The office space of 10,000 sq.m. was completely renovated for the new tenants and divided into very small units.

And, before long, «the place was full again»! To remain contemporary in nature, new concepts have been pursued and investments have been made in modern equipment and technology in recent years.

Last year, this was also done with the ionization systems of Ionair. In all, more than 34,000 m3/h of air is ionized in 5 air handling systems. And this has involved several beneficial results: the costs for heating and cooling the air could be sustainably reduced by consistent utilization of an increased proportion of recirculation air. The costs of AKF exchange are also dispensed with, which is no longer necessary. At the same time, odors are reduced, fine particles are bound and bacteria, molds, and germs are eliminated (>95%), AND the virus is being deactivated by up to 99.5%.

With so many benefits, it is not surprising that more projects with Allegron are already being planned.

ionair Japan

In 2015, ionair Japan Co., Ltd. was established and began to strengthen marketing and sales activities in Japan.

Even before the establishment of the Japanese company, ionair sold through resellers to Japan. The products at the time were mainly to deodorize indoor spaces with strong sources of pollution like waste rooms, recycling centers or pathology areas.

Climate Change Conference in Glasgow COP26

Carbon Footprint reduction resounds through the land. The recent Climate Change Conference in Glasgow (COP26) with SSE as one of the main sponsors at its side, is proof of it.

ionair in China

For 15 years, ionair has been represented in the Chinese market. Béda Bacsa, International Sales Manager explains in this interview how things are developing for the Swiss company…

Short and concise - Ionization builds viruses

The results surpassed all expectations. The test arrangement demonstrated that a reduction in surrogate viruses of more than 99 percent is possible by ionization. You can see how the Air Quality System (AQS) from ionair achieves this in our video…

Not yet ripe for the museum

With its Air Quality System (AQS), ionair artificially replicates the cleaning process of nature. As far away as Australia, the system is considered appealing.


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