In fact, CO2 reduction has become an urgent issue over the past years because of global warming. That is why sustainability in the building industry is of more and more importance. SSE as one of the key building integrators in the UK has a strong position in energy saving, smart cities and building performance. With focus on sustainability and energy saving, SSE completed their services in 2020 and partnered with ionair in Switzerland, offering smart solutions in air purification and helping the buildings to be healthier. This includes the hygienic aspect of the air which has recently created awareness throughout the world further to the pandemic. We are speaking about germs, moulds, bacteria, viruses, and all sorts of microorganisms.

Recent test series done at the prominent Fraunhofer Institute in Germany, performed in a ventilated room, have shown evidence of high reduction of sars-cov-2 viruses.

ionair is one of the leading companies in the air purification business. Their feedback controlled, engineered system is employed throughout the world and now also available in the UK. 5 sensors provide feedback to the controller that adjusts the ionization intensity several times per second through an ingenious algorithm. As air of a ventilated space can be reclassified when using an appropriate air cleaning system (ASHRAE), the outdoor supply air can be reduced which enables energy saving within the building. This works either ways, summer, and winter. Knowing that roughly one third of the energy cost of a building comes from the HVAC system, this is the part to focus on, and ionair who has a preferred supplier agreement (PSA) with SSE, helps to make the buildings more energy efficient.

Sustainability is one of the key terms. For such, carbon footprint needs to be reduced, whether that is through replacement of carbon filters or through energy saving.  Ionair is a global system that can offer such solution and help improving the world.