Digitalization influences consumption behavior and this, in turn, affects the traditional retail trade. There are several items that can be purchased today comfortably via the internet that offer home delivery. This puts the emporiums, shopping centers, malls and department stores in great difficulty. In order to continue to remain attractive and entice visitors to the shopping centers and department stores, a purchasing experience has to be increasingly offered to the customer. What inevitably counts as an experience is the perception of odor. Who would like to spend time in a shopping center where the air is poor? Furthermore, in specific areas, the experience is accentuated with fragrances applied very locally, while at other places the indoor air should be as neutral as possible. Nonetheless, the department store is full of pollutant sources, which often compete with one another. The drugstore may smell of the drugstore, but in the clothes department next to it, there should not be a smell from a restaurant under any circumstances.

With ionair AQS, you can generate high quality, naturally clean air. For the satisfaction of the clientele, for the satisfaction of the employees and for the satisfaction of the operator, who would like to operate the high quality systems efficiently, safely and without any malfunctions? The ventilation system must work perfectly both during peak traffic hours as well as in non-productive times. With ionair AQS, he/she receives an outstanding tool for this purpose in order to be able to have targeted influence. The room climate can be optimized in terms of cost, and at the same time, it improves the air quality and comfort.

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Briefly and concisely explained
There’s no question about it: we need it. Fresh air to live that is. However, the quality of our indoor air is not always particularly good. Industry, traffic or other sources of emission blow out harmful substances, which means that ventilation and air conditioning in buildings is a real challenge. Ionization provides a remedy. We explain here in a straightforward and comprehensible way how this works. We hope you find it interesting…


Ionization removes viruses
The results surpassed all our expectations. The test arrangement demonstrated that a reduction in surrogate viruses of more than, believe it or not, 99 percent is possible thanks to ionization. You can see how the Air Quality System (AQS) from ionair accomplishes this in the video here…