In 2015, ionair Japan Co., Ltd. was established and began to strengthen marketing and sales activities in Japan. Even before the establishment of the Japanese company, ionair sold through resellers to Japan. The products at the time were mainly to deodorize indoor spaces with strong sources of pollution like waste rooms, recycling centers or pathology areas.

One of the main purposes of ionair Japan is from the beginning the strengthening of ionair’s Air Quality System (AQS), the indoor air improvement solution.

Over the past years, we have been steadily increasing our market penetration in Japan, focusing on international companies and hospitals. Today it is my pleasure to introduce one of these projects realized downtown Tokyo.

As a global trend, the topic of air pollution is becoming a reality worldwide in recent years. It goes along with global warming and the urgent need of reducing carbon footprint with zero emission buildings.

The air in Japan is so clean that you can see Mt. Fuji from Tokyo, which is more than 200 km away . There is a common recognition among Japanese that air and water are naturally clean and available free of charge.

An analysis of the construction industry reveals that in this conservative industry, the entry barriers for foreign companies are high. Due to the strict hierarchy peculiar to Japan, the penetration of any business takes time, typically 2-3 times more than in European countries or in the US.

However, even the building industries can’t ignore actions against global warming as agreed by 195 countries incl. Japan with the Kyoto protocol (1997) now replaced by the effective Paris protocol signed 2015. Furthermore, even Japan is going to implement latest building standards like CASBEE, LEED, WELL etc. in the near future. Typically to Japan, this transition will go smoothly compared to other countries.

Mori Building Co., Ltd., one of ionair's important clients, was interested in gaining experience and knowledge how work productivity depends on the ionair AQS benefits on indoor air quality (IAQ) in a co-working space in Toranomon Hills Business Tower. The positive results are now used in their PR and marketing campaign promoting their co-working space concept.

The co-working space in Toranomon Hills Business Tower is used by a wide variety of major companies in the industry. The concept is meant to be one of the first in Japan being specialized for organizations whose mission is to innovate their current business and creating new ones.

The home office working style during pandemic made Mori Building’s clients to postpone their start in the co-working space in Toranomon Hills Business Tower. Even today the full capacity has not been reached.

This project was difficult as many modification requests came from the client after AQS system was implemented, which is rather usual practice in Japan.  However, ionair Japan was lucky to have subcontractors who worked miracles together during the project, and we were able to successfully start the operation of the Toranomon Hills Business Tower on time.

We hope the number of projects like this would increase in Japan as we work hard to carry out ionair’s mission.

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