Funding made easier with Ionair

Fresh air and comfortable indoor climate – this is what ionair in Switzerland is working on with its ionization process in offices, in gastronomy, and in industrial and commercial companies. Energy-optimized and modern ventilation systems save approximately 40% of energy thanks to efficient components and demand-based control. ProELA2 pays back for its use in reconstruction provided that it is not required by the standard. Considering the long lifetime, it makes sense to use more efficient systems, even where they are not required based on the standard, but where the funding amount is greater.

You can be a part of it and benefit from the funding! On behalf of ProKilowatt (competitive tenders of the Federal Office for Energy), ProELA2 is implementing the funding program for efficient ventilation systems. The aim of the program is to lower the power consumption of ventilation systems. ProELA2 creates ideas for a more efficient ventilation design and sponsors innovative technologies, such as ionization systems. ProELA2 is aimed at operators of ventilation systems throughout the whole of Switzerland.

What is being funded:

  • Savings in electricity for efficiency optimizations in existing Monoblocs.
  • Improvements in efficiency in connection with ionization systems, i.e. whether it is by lower flow rates or a higher share of circulating air, the power consumption for ventilation and air conditioning can be reduced.
  • Deployment of efficient electric filters, the auxiliary power requirement of which is less than the power consumption of conventional filters.

Procedure/Funding model

All funding measures can be implemented and promoted either separately or together and we are working jointly with suppliers and implementation partners. It is possible to carry out analyses locally in order to assess the savings potential.

Depending on the measure, funds are offered on a lump-sum basis or proportional to the savings involved. The funding is assessed on the basis of the calculated savings, for which information about the existing and planned ventilation, including air quantity, place of use, planned design and execution, and the number of filters is required. The amount of funding is determined specifically in regard to each system and reserved. This takes place directly by Enerprice, an independent and owner-guided service provider company or via its implementation partner. The funding amount must be reserved with the supplier before placing the order. The same measure cannot be funded twice by the Federal Government (e.g. other ProKilowatt programs or projects). For more detailed information, please contact us or get in touch with our implementation partner at ProELA2. If your preferred supplier is not an implementation partner of ProELA2, please ask them about the savings potential of your system and the funding opportunities. ProELA2 is open to working with other implementation partners.