Convincing via references

Poor indoor air endangers health. Ionization achieves a remedy and ensures odor-free, natural and clean indoor air. This is demonstrated impressively with the «tour de référence». This event takes place at regular intervals and features select reference customers.

The final checks are taking place at the lectern and a clearly audible «Test, Test, Test» is spoken into the microphone. Roger Schad is in his element. It is the day of the «tour de référence» and Roger Schad particularly enjoys working days like these when everything is a little different from the ordinary ones. It is already the eighth such occasion in two years. And this should not be taken for granted in the opinion of this sales manager for Switzerland, who freely admits he initially had to put in some effort convincing others at his company about the importance of this event. «The initial skepticism of such a series of events was quickly overcome,» explains Schad with a smile. The first occasion drew a small audience, but «…we are making a good impact now» says Schad.

New paths

With the «tour de référence», ionair aims to carve out new paths, since «we have to move with the times,» explains Schad, who also suggests that the sales are changing in the indoor climate industry. Today, the experience stands in the foreground, and «it is no longer sufficient to supply a technically perfect product.» At the previous event in October, ionair was a guest at the Stade de Suisse in Bern, where its technology has been ensuring clean and hygienic indoor air from the very beginning with its own systems. «We would like to bring our technology closer to potential customers and interested parties in a beautiful environment and enjoy lunch together.» In the process, one seeks select reference customers such as the Stade de Suisse, the home stadium of the BSC Young Boys, the reigning Swiss football champions.

The subject of air hygiene

«The quality of the indoor air is a determining factor for our health, our well-being and our performance,» emphasizes Schad. With the ionization technology, the company, which is based in Lucerne, is offering a ventilation hygiene system that, on the one hand, can be installed in any ventilation system and, on the other hand, reduces germs, bacteria and VOCs. On the day of this event in October 2018, there were approximately 50 guests in attendance at the Stade de Suisse. Also present at the party was a guest lecturer, Reto Coutalides, who is a graduate Chemical Engineer and has been dealing with the issues involving harmful substances indoors for over 20 years. In his lecture, he places emphasis on the importance of clean indoor air for the well-being of human beings. «We would like to bring the subject of indoor air hygiene in all facets to the people,» adds Schad, because human beings would be reminded of the issue only if the indoor air is burdened with bad smells, odors or fine-grained dust. «Without healthy air, there is no life, since contamination in the air is an invisible killer.»

Roger Schad really appreciates the «tour de référence» and he is very grateful to those reference customers who make their premises available for the tour. «The ionization is not self-explanatory and the demonstration helps in terms of illustrating the process that is behind the technology.» Ionization for cleaning the air is also taking place constantly in nature, and it is this process that is being imitated with the Air Quality System. «We spend more than 80 per cent of our time indoors,» concludes Schad. This is why it is all the more important to pay attention to the quality of the indoor air.